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Interior doors for care homes

We understand that care homes require a careful balance between functionality and design, that's why it's essential to consider factors such as safety, accessibility, noise reduction, and aesthetics when choosing interior doors and doorsets for these specialised environments.

In this blog, we will delve into a range of interior doorsets tailored to suit the specific requirements of care homes. We are here to provide you with valuable insights and recommendations, empowering you to make well-informed decisions when choosing interior doors and doorsets for care facilities.



Fire safety in care homes is paramount to protect residents' lives and well-being and ensure a secure environment for their daily activities. Fire doors in care homes are a vital consideration to ensure the safety of residents and staff. Our range of FD30 fire doors includes an extensive selection of moulded and glazing options, combining both aesthetic appeal and essential fire safety. By choosing FD30 glazed fire doors, you can enhance the natural light flow and visual openness within your space while ensuring the safety of occupants in the event of a fire.

Manufactured with utmost attention to quality and performance, our FD30 glazed fire door features specially designed glass panels that maintain the door's fire-resistant properties. These doors are tested and certified to meet the rigorous standards set for FD30 fire resistance.

By choosing certified fire doors, individuals can have confidence in the doors' ability to provide reliable fire protection, giving them crucial time to evacuate safely in the event of a fire emergency. These certifications ensure that the doors have been carefully designed and manufactured to maintain their fire-resistant properties, offering enhanced safety and peace of mind for building occupants.

JELD-WEN presents a wide array of options for FD30 moulded internal doors, our collection includes popular, stylish, and reliable choices like the ArlingtonAthertonBostonian and Oakfield collections. These doors not only provide exceptional fire resistance but also exhibit meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring reliable protection against the spread of fire and smoke. With JELD-WEN’s extensive assortment of moulded glazed FD30 fire doors, you can prioritise safety while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial space.


Another consideration is noise reduction. Care homes can be busy and bustling places, with various activities and conversations taking place simultaneously. Selecting interior doors with soundproofing features can help create a quieter and more peaceful environment, promoting better rest and relaxation for residents.

Solid core doors have been known to offer potential noise reduction benefits for various environments, including care homes. The dense core of these doors can act as a barrier, which may help absorb and reduce some unwanted noise from passing through, contributing to a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere. When combined with the use of acoustic seals and other aids, such as a drop-down seal, fitted into a doorset, there is a possibility that the acoustic performance of the solid core door may be enhanced even further.

Creating a calm and serene environment is crucial for the well-being and comfort of residents, and investing in solid core doors with appropriate acoustic enhancements can play a role in achieving this goal. 


The ReadyFIT communal doorset is a specially designed solution for care homes, catering to cross corridors, lobbies, and day-to-day access areas. This pre-assembled doorset offers several benefits to enhance functionality and safety.

Firstly, the ReadyFIT communal doorset is fire rated to either FD30 or FD60, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing that the doorset can withstand fire for a specified duration, preventing its spread and allowing time for evacuation.

Our Paint Grade Premium FD60 fire doors offer both fire safety and aesthetic appeal. These versatile doors are certified to withstand fire for up to 60 minutes and with a wide range of finishes and glazing options available, these doors can be customised to match the aesthetic preferences and design requirements of any care home environment. The paint-grade feature ensures seamless integration with the surrounding aesthetics, allowing the fire doors to blend harmoniously with the overall design scheme. Whether you want to match the existing colour palette or make a bold statement, the ability to paint these doors in any colour provides flexibility and creative freedom while maintaining the highest standards of fire resistance.



Assisted living or sheltered housing complexes can benefit greatly from a SecureFIT flat entrance doorset. These doorsets meet the requirements of Secured by Design, boasting third-party dual certification for fire, smoke, and security performance. This certification ensures compliance with building regulations, providing confidence in their reliability. With a variety of popular designs available, including moulded, paint grade, and laminate finish options, these interior doors can be coordinated with ReadyFIT interior doorsets within the care home for a cohesive and high-quality appearance throughout.

The incorporation of a high-quality multipoint lock, handle, cylinder, hinges, door viewer, and drop-down seal in this doorset brings together functionality, safety, and personalisation. These standard features offer outstanding security and fire protection advantages, including improved resistance against forced entry, seamless operation, hinges that deter tampering, visitor identification capabilities, and effective fire containment. By catering to the specific requirements of care home environments, these features provide reassurance and a sense of security.


The JELD-WEN SecureSET range offers significant benefits for care homes in terms of interior flat entrance applications. These modular doorsets are suitable for both new constructions and retrofit projects, providing a versatile solution. They come in a wide range of standard and made-to-measure sizes, allowing flexibility to incorporate side and top light units into the frame.

The SecureSET flat entrance doorsets meet the stringent requirements of Secured by Design, ensuring optimal security. With third-party dual certification for fire, smoke, and security performance, these doorsets conform to building regulations, instilling confidence in their reliability. They are available in various designs and colour finishes, complementing the existing ReadyFIT interior doorset range.

Moreover, the SecureSET doorsets comply with Approved Document M for accessibility requirements, Approved Document B for fire safety regulations, Approved Document E for acoustic regulations, and Approved Document Q for internal flat and apartment entrance doorset conditions. This comprehensive compliance ensures that care homes can meet the necessary regulatory standards while benefiting from the modular and secure nature of the SecureSET range. 


To ensure accessibility and compliance with building regulations, including Approved Document M for wheelchair users' width requirements, our communal range offers options specifically designed for accessibility purposes. Additionally, we provide a diverse selection of optional hardware to enhance functionality. These hardware choices include door closers, push, and pull handles, and kick plates, allowing customisation to meet the specific needs of care homes. This customisation promotes ease of use, accessibility, and convenience, ensuring that the communal spaces are user-friendly and accommodating to residents and staff.

Selecting the right interior doors and doorsets for care homes involves a thoughtful assessment of safety, accessibility, noise reduction, and aesthetics. By prioritising these factors, you can create an environment that promotes the well-being and comfort of residents while also meeting the practical requirements of staff.