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We offer the following guarantees on products. These will become void when surface finishes or faults are caused by wilful or neglectful damage or by excessive wear and tear. Shattering glass due to the thermal stress and other non product related issues are not covered under these guarantees.

Key definitions:

MANUFACTURING DEFECTS – JELD-WEN will accept no responsibility for products cut down to size after receipt, or which use or structural strength is impaired following improper fitting.

ROT & FUNGAL– guarantees against rot and fungal attack.

GLASS – guarantee against double and triple glazing unit failure on factory glazed products.

HI-BUILD PAINT AND STAIN – guarantees against factory finished paint and stain coloured products under normal exposure. The guarantee period for paint and stain will vary according to colour selected and location of installation in line with EN927.



The decoration and finishing of joinery products is covered in BS6150: 2006 ‘Painting in buildings’ and BS8000 Part 12: 1989.The decorative finish applied to windows, external doors and patio doorsets must be preserved while they are in service to ensure moisture does not penetrate the wood. JELD-WEN products should be maintained in accordance with the guarantees or the paint or stain manufacturer’s guidelines, to prevent the finish from deteriorating and to protect the timber underneath. See the finishing section for advice on paint and stain recommendations. We recommend the following to maintain and extend the life of your exterior joinery products:• All joinery should be washed down a minimum of twice a year with a mild solution of soapy water and rinsed off with clean water to remove any surface debris. This should be increased to a minimum four times a year in marine and industrial environments.

• Once cleaned, scrape, lightly sand and touch up any areas of wear and tear with a matching microporous paint or stain. Any bare wood should be primed first.

• All mechanical items, i.e. hinges etc. should such be oiled with grease or neutral oil.

• Weather seals should be checked and cleaned.

• Vents should be cleaned and any blockages removed.

• Timber is a natural product and therefore performs differently through the year, seasonal adjustment may be required to assure ongoing performance.

Do not attempt to paint when temperatures fall below 8ºC or if the humidity is above 85% or in direct sunlight as this will impair the curing process. Interior products should be kept clean and new coats reapplied as necessary of good quality paint, stain, varnish or lacquer. You may need to sand and apply undercoat again first depending on the condition or choice of finish


Hinges, pivots, rivets and other moving parts must never be painted and should be kept clean and lubricated lightly at all times with grease or neutral oil. Products should be cleaned and lubricated at least once a year - more often in coastal areas and places where pollution is high. Guarantees will reduce depending on location even if general maintenance advice is undertaken. JELD-WEN external hardware is tested to BS EN1670:2006 for corrosion resistance and generally achieves 480 hours. Areas such as coastal or industrial may require higher performance. This should be specified at time of order/enquiry. The test exposure time above relates to the amount of time that a component part has been exposed to a neutral salt spray under laboratory conditions. There is no direct correlation between a given number of hours salt spray testing and real time natural environment exposure. If handles are not cleaned and maintained the resistance is impaired.For accessible cleaning options to the glass on your side hung windows opt for the Reflex Plus projecting hinge in compliance with BS 8213-1:2004. Projecting hinges should not be used on top hung windows for cleaning as this would contravene BS 8213-1:2004 Annex C and Scottish Building Regulations.

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