New Laminate Internal Doorsets


With striking new colours, patterns and woodgrain finish our 7 new standard laminate finish are a perfect fit for a wide range of commercial project including residential and student accommodation properties.

With access to an extended range of up to 50 other laminate finishes, we can provide a wide range of aesthetic options for your project.


Why choose a laminate doorset?

  • Stylish, consistent design options available to amplify your interior aesthetics
  • Increased durability with resistance to impact and scratches
  • Long lasting doorsets – resistance to the damaging effects of water damage
  • Easy to clean with no chemicals needed to maintain
  • Hassle free installation – fully finished doorset, no need to paint or stain on site
  • Available on a short lead time - standard designs available from a 6 weeks to keep projects on time


These new laminate finishes are available in our internal doorsets; inlcuding flat entrance doorsets, internal and communal doorsets.

They are rigorously tested working, with specialist third parties to ensure the highest standards, and are dual certified for fire, smoke and security performance.

These finishes are avaiable with fire rating of 30 mintures across our entire internal doorsets range. 60 minutes is avaiable for our ReadyFIT™ internal and communal doorset.


Glazing Options

Our new laminate doorsets are available with 12 different fire rated glazing options:

Extended Laminate Range

We can also provide a wider range of up to 50 laminate finish options; including woodgrains, patterns and subtle and vibrant colour options. So if you require unique finish options for your internal doorsets - we can support your project*.

*Subject to MOQs and lead times


  • UK-based manufacturing facilities, sales and customer support team
  • Years of specialist knowledge in product performance and regulatory compliance 
  • Dual certification for enhanced fire and safety performance on flat entrance doorsets
  • Independently tested, fully certified and assembled interior doorset solution
  • A dedicated, nationwide sales team to provide support before, during, and after your projects
  • Enjoy a faster and more seamless installation with up to 10 years guarantee