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Keeping interior doors shut to keep your house warmer this winter

As winter starts to roll in and the nights become darker, most people like to keep warm and cosy inside but given the current economic situation, many of us don’t want to turn up the heating. We have come up with a few simple tips to help you keep your home warmer this winter…

Moulded solid core doors

Do you know the difference between a solid core and a hollow core door? Solid core doors are made from engineered timber, designed to reduce the number of air pockets and voids, which can be very beneficial for your home. Not only are solid-core doors more durable, better quality, and help to soundproof your home – the added insulation can act as a barrier and can help keep heat inside a room. Compared to a standard, hollow-core door a solid-core door will therefore help minimise heat loss, keeping your home warmer.

You don’t need to compromise on style, at JELD-WEN we have a large range of moulded solid-core doors to suit both contemporary and traditional styles – upgrade your home this winter.

Add cosy accessories to your room

The simple addition of adding a rug to your hardwood floors not only beautifies the space but also creates extra warmth under your feet and can trap heat resulting in a warmer room.

Fire doors

Fire doors could be a great addition to your home in winter as they not only increase safety in your home but due to their 35mm-54mm thick, solid construction can also minimise the loss of heat from room to room. Adding fire doors to your home couldn’t be easier than with our 35mm fire doors which can be fitted into many existing frames, saving you unnecessary disruption and time spent on installation.

Most importantly, for fire doors to prevent the spread of fire they must be closed.

Remember to keep your doors closed

About 35% of heat escapes through walls, windows, and doors. Closing your doors is a simple, very effective way to keep your house warmer this winter. Leaving every door wide open or even slightly ajar, can help spread colder air around your home. If you are cooking in the kitchen, keep the heat from your oven circulating in that room or even when we are sleeping, we generate body heat so keeping our bedroom doors shut can keep the warmth in that room.

Think about it, if you have a radiator on in your living room and your door is closed, your radiator only has to heat up what is inside the four walls. If your door is left wide open, the heat generated from your radiator will escape into different areas of your home. This heat may be lost in your stairwell, or escape out your front door, or your patio doors. The result of this means your home feels colder, you may feel the need to have your heating on for longer.

Act smart, and keep your interior doors closed this winter.

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Tips for keeping your homes warm this winter