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Fire Door Handles and Other Ironmongery


When it comes to building safety and compliance, few elements are as crucial as fire doors. These specialised doors play a pivotal role in containing and preventing the spread of fire and safeguarding lives. However, the effectiveness of a fire door is not solely dependent on its design but also on the quality, functionality and installation of its ironmongery. In this blog, we will delve into the world of fire door ironmongery, exploring its significance, components, and best practices for installation.

Understanding the Basics of Fire Door Ironmongery

Fire door ironmongery refers to the hardware and accessories installed on fire doors to ensure their proper operation and compliance with safety regulations. This includes hinges, locks, handles, door closers, and other components that contribute to the overall safety and functionality of a fire door.

The Importance of Certified Components

When it comes to fire door ironmongery, there is a crucial importance of using certified components. All hardware must meet stringent standards and undergo rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand the heat and pressure generated during a fire.

One way in which to certify and ensure components' quality is through Third-party certification. Third-party certification for doorsets is an important process that helps to ensure that the doorsets installed in a building meet the required standards and specifications. Certification provides assurance of quality, compliance with regulations, reduced risk, improved reputation, and access to new markets. By obtaining third-party certification, JELD-WEN is proud to demonstrate our commitment to producing high-quality products for our customers. Learn more about our Third-party certification here.

Components of Fire Door Ironmongery:

  • Hinges: Fire door hinges should be capable of supporting the weight of the door and provide a smooth, controlled closure. 
  • Locks and Latches: These components should meet fire safety standards and provide secure locking mechanisms without compromising the door's ability to close properly.
  • Door Closers: Essential for ensuring that the fire door returns to the closed position after use. Adjustable door closers allow for customisation based on the specific requirements of the door.

Fire door handles with JELD-WEN

JELD-WEN is proud to supply Zoo Door handles from Zoo Hardware, the leading designer and supplier of architectural door hardware, based in the UK. Zoo Hardware offers a variety of door handles, from elegant and modern to rustic and antique finishes. This means Zoo handles are also versatile to fit any project.

Installation Best Practices

Professional Installation:  At JELD-WEN WE believe Fire door ironmongery should be installed by trained and certified professionals to ensure that each component functions as intended. This then eliminates the risk of inadequate installation.
Regular Maintenance: Periodic inspections and maintenance are crucial to guarantee that the ironmongery continues to meet safety standards. Lubrication, adjustments, and repairs should be carried out promptly. You can find out more tips for the care and maintenance of Flat entrance doorsets here

Compliance with Regulations

Fire door ironmongery must adhere to local building codes and regulations. This includes factors such as the type of building, occupancy, and the specific purpose of the door. Regular audits and inspections can help ensure ongoing compliance.


Fire door ironmongery is an indispensable aspect of building safety, contributing significantly to the overall effectiveness of fire doors which can in turn save lives. Investing in certified components, professional installation, and regular maintenance is not just a legal requirement but a commitment to the safety of occupants and property. By prioritising the quality of fire door ironmongery, we can create environments that are better prepared to handle emergencies and protect lives.