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Sometimes it pays to have the option of turning two rooms into one, freeing up the space, such as during family celebrations. Or when we want to keep an eye on small children - without having them climb all over us.

Flexible living

Internal folding sliding doors work well if you want to split up your interior whilst maintaining a consistent and seamless look to the design between rooms. Shut away a dining area, or a study, from your living room but open it up when you want use of the full floor space.

Room dividers like the Room Fold range have the flexibility to offer that privilege since they can run the entire length of an adjoining wall - a wall that you can 'fold away', depending on the situation - giving you more freedom.

Open up your living space

Room dividers are also a great way to bring flexibility to your interior design - particularly when it comes to how much light, ventilation and privacy you want the space to include. An internal folding sliding door can open up your living space to create the feeling of open-plan living, allowing light and air to flow between rooms.

Maximum choice

The Room Fold internal folding sliding door system is available in a large range of popular designs and sizes that provide the option of turning two rooms into one. There are several different configuration options depending on the use required – full slide to take the doors to one side or single-door access options for day-to-day use. There’s a configuration available to open up spaces of all sizes.

The perfect finish

Choose from premium oak or classic primed finish options and a variety of door styles such as the Aston Glazed or the Shaker 4 Light Glazed all with matching single door designs to give your home a consistent look and feel throughout.