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Real Wood Veneer Doors

If you like the flush design and natural beauty of real wood, you’ll love our range of real wood veneer doors. Crafted from elegant real wood veneers, these stylish doors will shrug off the wear and tear of family life, yet remain beautiful in any setting.

The Natural Look

Real wood veneer doors allow the natural woodgrain and tone of the wood to really shine through, providing a stunning natural finish that doesn’t require decoration. For understated beauty you can opt for standard core real wood veneer doors which are available in a wide variety of natural finishes such as White Oak, Walnut or Ash.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for ‘WOW’ factor there’s a whole raft of contemporary veneers available in the ‘Selection’ range including designer real wood veneers. Choose ‘Textured’ veneer designs with a raised finish to give your home a truly contemporary look, or Fusion designs with cross directional veneers to achieve dramatic style. The Inlay designs such as the Silver Ash or Brown Inlay offer a sleek and luxurious appearance that all your guests will envy. 

Let The Light In 

Available in panel and glazed designs with a variety of sizes to choose from, and for situations where added safety if required there’s also FD30 or FD60 fire door available to provide 30 or 60 minute fire protection.

Choose from an array of designs that will match up to your other home furnishings beautifully and create a truly unique home.