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Interior Panel Doors

Interior Doors

Interior panel doors continue to be a perennial favorite, boasting enduring popularity due to their timeless yet versatile appeal. Whether renovating a period property or starting a new home, selecting the right style of panelled doors is essential for a cohesive interior design.

Design - Tradition & Innovation

For the classic look, it's still hard to beat the Victorian 4-panel door and 6-panel door styles - adding tradition, elegance and consistency throughout the home. On the other hand, contemporary interior design could suit the clean-cut more modern shaker panel styles.

But that's just the beginning. Simply because panelled doors are time-honoured, that doesn't mean they must be old-fashioned. From raised panels to Bi-fold doors, the flexibility these doors provide allows you to create the perfect look for your home.

Style & Substance

Panel doors come in a range of materials to suit your design and your personality. Of course, solid wood is the traditional way to bring a natural warmth and glow to your home.

The important thing to remember when installing new panel doors is that achieving a consistent look throughout your home not only adds to the decor but may also add to the overall value as well.

Panelled doors come with all kinds of paint finish options depending on your taste, and you can get creative yourself - with wood stains, varnishes, and paints to add the final touches to your creation.