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Front doors for flats

Fire doors are a crucial aspect of reducing the rate at which fire can pass between each area within flats. Reducing the spread of a fire is essential in allowing occupants to safley be able to evacuate the premises. Did you know that building regulations state that flat entrance doors are required to provide 30 minutes of fire resistance? In this blog we will discusss which Fire door suits your next project.

At JELD-WEN we are committed to improving the security of UK buildings and all our doorsets are rigorously and independently tested by multiple third-party schemes to ensure that they meet, and or exceed minimum British and European standards.  This means you can be confident that any JELD-WEN doorset installed in your building will provide robust security and safety for your residents. 

Our SecureFIT and SecureSET flat entrance doorsets have been specifically designed to provide customers with a safe, secure and stylish solution to for flat entrances.

Fire Door Building Regulations

To meet building regulations, fire doors must be part of a doorset that includes certified fire-resistant components such as the door frame, hinges, ironmongery, signage, and closers, all of which must be rated at the same level as the door itself. The door must also be equipped with intumescent strips, which seal the door and block the passage of fire and smoke. In addition, fire doors must have the ability to automatically close and can only be held open with a certified retainer that will activate in the event of a fire. Fire doors in flats are typically rated as FD30 or FD60, indicating 30 or 60 minutes of fire resistance.

Our SecureSET flat entrance doorset

The JELD-WEN SecureSET range provides the perfect modular solution for both new and retrofit interior flat entrance applications. SecureSET doorsets are available in a wide range of standard and made-to-measure sizes, with the flexibility to include side and top light units into the frame. SecureSET flat entrance doorsets meet the requirements of Secured by Design. This is achieved through third-party dual certification for fire, smoke and security performance, giving you confidence that our doorsets conform to building regulations.

The doorsets are available in a variety of designs and colour finishes to complement our ReadyFIT™ doorset range.


Available in popular moulded, paint grade and veneer designs, these doors can be suited to other JELD-WEN doorsets within the property to offer a co-ordinated and high-quality look throughout.

FD30 door frames are manufactured using primed softwood & FD60 door frames in hardwood, both unfinished ready for final decoration on site. Available with intumescent strips and smoke seals fitted to the head and jambs of the door frame.

All SecureFIT™ doorsets are supplied as standard with a high-quality multipoint lock, handle and cylinder, hinges, door viewer and drop down seal.

A wide range of optional hardware is also available including letter plates, security chain, door knocker, kick plates and numerals.