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Doors for home office

There are more people working from home than ever! In September 2022, around 1 in 5 (22%) of the GB workforce had worked at least one day from home in the previous week and around 1 in 8 (13%) worked from home exclusively.

When working from home office should aim to be a comfortable yet effective work environment. One way you can look to achieve this is by installing the correct internal door. There are a variety of internal doors that can help achieve this. In this blog, we will help to find the best door for your home office.


Solid core doors

In terms of  requirements for your home office soundproofing is likely to be your main concern. As you try to create a room in your home where you can concentrate and operate in a quiet environment, solid core doors could be a great addition. Our solid core doors can improve the level of sound insulation which keeps any unwanted noise out. This is thanks to their dense, engineered timber-packed core which absorbs sound waves to reduce sound transmission from room to room.

 Our range of moulded doors that are now available with a solid core offers the perfect solution for the home office. As they are available in  5 of our most popular designs, you could quite simply just upgrade your home office door for improved soundproofing, whilst still matching the existing style of all your other doors.

Solid core doors

When you choose a solid core, it helps give everything from better insulation and soundproofing, to enhanced quality and durability. All with the same great aesthetic, and great value you expect from JELD-WEN.


Glazed doors

If you are looking to create a sophisticated and classy aesthetic, then a glazed door could be your choice. One study by the American Society of Interior Design shows that 68% of employees complain about the lighting situation in their offices. Because of poor lighting, people get headaches due to the strain it puts on their eyes. That’s why office lighting should be one of the very first things to consider during the office design phase. To help reduce the risk of light related headaches a galzed door could be an optimal choice. There are many different glazed door options to choose from, if you want to maximise a well-lit bright space then a clear glazed door such as our Slim-Line range is the right fit for you.

However, if you want to add a little privacy to your home office space, an obscure glazed door such as our Aston 3 light obscured glass could be the best fit for you. 

Double doors

One of the most popular reasons for working from home is to look after your children. Paired doors can offer all the same benefits of a room divider by giving you option of turning two rooms into one, which is great if you want to keep one eye on the kids while you work, You can also then close the doors to create a professional private office space.

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