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How to Create a Beautiful Home Office Space

For many of us, life changed in many way following the Covid-19 pandemic. Working from home became the new "norm" which has continued to this day. Whilst many people set up temporary work stations on kitchen tables to start with the demand for an identifiable home office space has continued to increase to this day.


If you are looking to commit to a permanent home office solution, read our handy hints and tops on how to create the perfect home office.


It’s really important when working from home, to create space to compartmentalise the activities of the day. This helps us switch off from the day’s work and enjoy a nice work-life balance. How can you do this? A JELD-WEN Room Fold can help enable this. If you have a desk in your open plan dining/living room, a Room Fold will allow you to close off the section where you work to create a space for peace and quiet. You can simply open them up in the evening time to enjoy family time.

Or maybe you’re looking to add sliding doors – our Grange Sliding Barn Doors are an ideal space saver as they don’t require a clear space to open the door, like a traditional hinged door. If you’re using your under stair/cupboard space to make a little home office, it can be nicely hidden with a sliding door when you switch off at the end of the working day.

For those looking for a more permanent situation, it may be that you are looking at bigger projects like converting your Garage into a home office space. If it’s an adjoining Garage and you want to add a door directly to the house, this legally must be a fire door. At JELD-WEN, we provide a wide range of safe and stylish fire doors that would be perfect for this type of product – view our range of FD30 rated Fire Doors.


Creating a remote workspace, that includes as much natural light as possible, is very important. Natural light is proven to improve your mental health by boosting your morale, combats eye strain from the glare of your screen and improves your sleeping pattern – not to mention helping to reduce those energy bills as you’ll no longer need the input of artificial lights!

By simply adding a glazed door to your home office, you can help to improve the natural flow of light transmission. The Slim-Line 4 and Slim-Line 8 panel glazed doors from the Curated by JELD-WEN collection is a great choice for those wanting to increase natural light, whilst not compromising on style. Oh, and they’re available in on trend black or grey colours too.


With the increase of Zoom or Teams calls whilst you work from home, there is nothing worse than background noise interfering with the call and distracting you whilst you try and concentrate. Investing in a solid core is an ideal way to combat this and create a quiet area in your home. With a range of trendy designs available, you don’t have to compromise on style either.

If you find the outside world is invading your home space, it may even be worth investing in some triple glazed windows. Especially if you currently have single glazing, the sound reduction will improve by c.50% by upgrading to our Stormsure Energy+ Plus – they’ll also help to keep those increasing energy bills down too!


During the winter months, we all want to stay warm without having to worry about expensive heating bills. Adding a solid core door to your home office can not only help create a quieter space for you to concentrate but also can help create a warmer space too!


As your home office is where you’ll be spending most of your day, take the time to think about the space you have and how you can enjoy it as much as possible. Whether that’s adding some photo frames, getting yourself a new comfy chair or redecorating the walls.
A simple way to add a splash of colour to your room is by painting one of our pre-primed interior doors. Painting them a relaxing shade of grey, a brighter pop of blue or a dramatic black shade could be a great way to add a bit of excitement to a room. Our MODA doors from the Curated by JELD-WEN collection are a great option, or you can add some stand out dimension to the painted doors with our textured Contour Doors.


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