There's much more to an interior door than just its function. It can add an extra level of design detail to the style of your home, keep your family safe from fire and if chosen wisely, could even add value if you decide to move.

To help you select the right internal doors, we have highlighted the main points you need to consider. 

What's your style?

It might sound obvious, but make sure you pick a door that complements your home and style. When you look closely, inspiration can be found all over place, in its age, location or type and even in the way you intend to use the space.

If you live in a contemporary home, flush doors, like our popular veneer range, provide a sleek, minimal finish. To create more depth, you might consider a panel door. They are available in numerous designs and materials, including solid timber and moulded wood fibre, to meet your taste and budget.

Oak internal doors remain on trend and create a quality finish in both contemporary and classic properties. Traditionalists will love our panel and cottage designs, whilst the Cottage Horizontal design should appeal to those with more contemporary leanings.

Select the right material

A variety of materials and finishing options are available for interior doors, each with its own features and benefits, so before making a purchase, take the time to consider which one best suits your needs.

Oak continues to be extremely popular and can be matched to other finishes such as flooring and furniture to offer a high-quality look throughout the home.

Veneer doors have seen resurgence in popularity recently thanks to other finishes such as kitchens and offer a flush, sleek look to a home whilst having a fully finished face meaning little decoration. Colours such as oak and walnut are popular now, but you can source other colours such as ash and beech to name but a few. 

Moulded doors are a firm favourite amongst homeowners with a large range of designs and sizes at an affordable price.  



We produce our internal doors in a variety of standard sizes to fit most typical door frames. They include:

  • 6'6"h (1981mm) x 2'0"w (610mm)
  • 6'6"h (1981mm) x 2'3"w (686mm)
  • 6'6"h (1981mm) x 2'6"w (762mm)
  • 6'6"h (1981mm) x 2'9"w (838mm)

Additional sizes are available on many of our ranges, offering dimensions up to 6'8" high (2032mm) by 2'8" wide (813mm). This information is displayed under every product in the product area for reference.


Always buy fire doors and doorsets that are accredited by the BWF-Certifire scheme so you can be confident your product has been fully tested and meets British Standards.

Most fire doors provide either 30 or 60 minutes protection and are labelled FD30 or FD60 to indicate how long they will prevent the ingress of smoke and flames when used properly.

Many of our most popular ranges include fire doors to give you a choice of styles and finishes, whilst still offering the peace of mind that comes with the highest standards of safety.


We know the devil is in the detail, so our interior doors come without hardware (with the exception of our internal folding doors), so you can pick handles to suit your style.

There are some eye-catching designs to choose from to complement our contemporary and traditional doors. For a modern finish, it is best to opt for handles with clean lines to create a minimalist look, whilst there is a wide range of classic and decorative styles available in the market to complete a traditional door.


Installing interior doors with glazing is a great way to bring light into dark rooms without sacrificing warmth or sound insulation. By selecting a design that complements other panel doors, you can create a unified look throughout your home and retain privacy where necessary.

Fitting your new door

It is worth considering how much you may need to trim from your door before deciding on a design, or you could risk exposing the inside. If you need to shave off a sizable chunk, ensure you select a product with plenty of trim allowance, such as the Oregon, Aston and Shaker white oak ranges.   

And to finish...

We can supply your doors finished, pre-finished or completely unfinished, depending on the style you choose and the range your preferred retailer offers.

If you want to personalise your internal woodwork, opt for an unfinished or pre-finished door - which will have a layer of undercoat - so you just need to add the final colour. For those who would rather someone else did the painting, our fully finished doors are just that - simply hang them and enjoy!

You can view our full range of interior doors here